Kemagel Amorphous

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    • Abnormal scars can cause unpleasant symptoms and be aesthetically distressing, disfiguring, and psychosocially and functionally disabling.

    • Scars vary in quality, depending on individual and racial patient features, the nature of the trauma, and the conditions of wound healing, scar can vary even within the same individual.

    • Change in skin height, pigmentation, tenderness and vascularity, with pain and itching, are the most common hypertrophic scar signs.

    • After an injury or surgery your body overproduces Collagen to fill-in and repair the wound, it then produces Collagenase which starts to melt away the excess Collagen, if there is imbalance between synthesis and lysis, elevated or depressed scar are produced.

    •  Common problems with hypertrophic scars :

      Scars across joints can cause a decrease in your ability to move. These are called contractures.

      Itching can lead to scratching and skin breakdown.

      People with visible scars may feel self-conscious around others and avoid social situations. This can lead to isolation, depression and lower quality of life.

      Scars can be dry and result in cracking or breakdowns in the skin (ulcerations).

      Scars are more sensitive to sun and chemicals.

    • Silicone gels are recommended as the

       “Gold Standard

      First Line Non-invasive therapies for both the prevention and the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids.

    Use Kemagel®Silicone when scar is closed and/or sutures have been removed.

    Do not use on any open wound

    1- Wash your hands and the scar tissue with mild soap and water.

    2- Apply a very thin layer of silicone gel to the area in one direction.

    3- Wipe away any excess and allow scar area to dry for few minutes.

    4- Apply silicone gel twice daily in the morning and before bedtime.

    For maximum effect, silicone gel should have 24 hour contact with the skin.

    Recommended duration of use For treatment is 2 to 3 months,

    it may take longer for older scars to achieve full benefit.